Why can’t you just leave quietly and leave us alone? / Why do you want to destroy the faith of others?

My purpose in sharing any information that I do is not in an attempt to wrest every single witness away from their beliefs. It would be foolish of me to imagine that I could do so. As I mentioned in my purpose for writing my blog, I want to help those who are doubting and need the assistance. I do not have a system or a plan for creating a system of going door-to-door and trying to convince everyone on the globe of my way of thinking. I am merely putting down my thoughts and the thoughts of others to create a resource and to engage in conversation about these topics.

Freedom of ideas and conversation is integral to having a free and democratic civilization. Jehovah’s Witnesses place a high value on having freedom to share their beliefs openly and without persecution. I share that value. Jehovah’s Witnesses have been granted this freedom in many countries, not for the reason that they are correct in their beliefs, but rather out of respect for their right to freedom of expression. I would expect any witness to grant me that same respect. Please feel free to criticize my ideas in the same way I criticize those of the Watchtower Society. I would just ask that we all show decency and remember that we are judging ideas, not people.

Why do you want to destroy the faith of others?

I don’t seek to destroy faith. I seek to encourage all to use their power of reason and logic to examine evidence and come to sound conclusions. The tough part with faith is highlighted perfectly by the question Matt Dillahunty routinely asks of those who tell him they take something on faith. “Is there anything a person couldn’t believe based on faith,” he asks. After having no alternative but to reply in the negative, he points out to them that faith, then, is not a reliable pathway to truth. All faiths are equal. Since faith is believing in something without evidence, there is no difference between the faith of someone who believes that god hates killing and the other who believes that god will reward their suicide bombing by giving them a place in heaven. These faith statements are equal in their amount of proof since faith does not require evidence.

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