If god doesn’t exist, why are you so angry at him? Why do you waste time speaking against him? Doesn’t that show you actually believe that he DOES exist?

Our brains possess the ability to conceptualize things that we have not experienced and even things that aren’t real. And just because we can conceptualize something does not make it real. Unicorns, a planet made of cheese, fairies, a teapot orbiting the sun somewhere between earth and mars…we can conceive of all of these but they do not actually exist. This applies to conceptual individuals as well. For instance, if you were to tell me how awful Cruella DeVille is or how menacing Darth Vader can be, I would never accuse you of believing these fictional characters exist. That would be absurd! You and I are capable of thinking about them as if they were real and even making a judgment call on whether or not we like them as individuals. This ability is plainly evident to us and it applies to a god as well, now matter how he might be described by any individual believer.

With this is mind, any time I talk about the god of the bible and make a judgment call on his actions or character, I am talking about the concept of this God as presented in those pages. Calling into question his personality and actions helps to show just how inconceivable and illogical the existence of this proposed being really is. And as a sentient being with the ability to make judgment calls, just as I can feel disgust at Anakin Skywalker for killing younglings, I can absolutely feel disgust about the concepts of the things that god does in the bible.  (See my article on David’s Census Sin)

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